Contact us

Contact us

Systemis Paris

108 Avenue de Fontainebleau
94270 Le Kremblin-Bicêtre, FRANCE
Tél. : (0) 820 222 302

Systemis Luxembourg

12 rue de la paix
L-3871 Schifflange,


What makes SYSTEMIS different from other ESN?

SYSTEMIS is an independent company since its creation in 2009. We promote our employees and encourage them to develop their skills throughout their career with our company. Contact and proximity with our employees are essential to us, which is why we value the expertise and knowledge of each individual. Moreover, we cultivate this proximity with our customers and also remain attentive to their slightest needs.

Have you expanded internationally or are you planning to do so in the short/medium/long term?

Currently, we are present in Paris and Luxembourg. In parallel, we are developing projects in Africa (in the Democratic Republic of Congo for example) and also in the Iberian Peninsula and in North America. SYSTEMIS is entering a phase of transition and accelerated development. Our ambition is to deploy / develop our know-how first in Europe and then worldwide. With our double-digit growth, we expect to reach our goals by the end of 2022.

Are you present at the FIC?

Of course. We have been participating in the FIC for a few years. We will be present in Lille on September 7, 8 and 9. Do not hesitate to come and meet us at our stand!

Does SYSTEMIS participate in the financing of training courses?

Developing the skills of our employees is at the heart of our employer strategy. To do this, we encourage our employees to improve their skills and we finance their training.